The Museum of Gaming History – Las Vegas

Gaming (or gambling) has always held a position in both modern and traditional culture over the centuries on a worldwide scale. Even when technology, motivations, and styles changed, gaming learned to adapt itself so that it can serve the desires and needs of the people.

It is with these adaptive changes that gaming enthusiasts began to collect artifacts and other forms of memorabilia to give them a piece of history of the gaming industry.

The Casino Chip & Gaming Token Collectors Club Inc., which is a non-profit education organization that has dedicated itself to the history of gaming since 1988, thought that the best way to preserve gaming history was to create a museum in a physical location.

This concept led to the establishment of The Museum of Gaming History that is located right in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada – the well-known gambling city in the US.

The Museum of Gaming History contains exhibits that showcase the different facets of gaming across time and cultures. The doors are open and readily accessible to the general public.

It also has a retail store, an event space, and a research environment to guarantee that the visitors and club members can interact in a number of ways.

Some of the Museum of Gaming History Exhibits include:

Rare Memorabilia of Early- to Mid-20th Century Casino Photos, Chips, & Other Items

The period when illegal gambling flourished across the US before Las Vegas was heralded as the casino capital of the nation. The exhibit also includes artifacts from Bugsy Siegel’s Flamingo Hotel casino opening in 1946.

Jackie Gaughan’s Downtown Las Vegas

Jackie Gaughan, known as one of the gambling pioneers in Las Vegas, owned and operated 8 casinos that began in the early 1950s. The tribute exhibit includes artifacts from the Las Vegas casinos that he either owned or managed.

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